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Maintain Safety with Smart Signage

Maintain Safety with Smart Signage

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When you think of "safety signs," the image that may immediately come to mind is a large, yellow warning sign often seen at construction sites or manufacturing warehouses. And while you wouldn't be wrong (such signs are most certainly safety signs), safety goes far beyond large, busy worksites!

Regardless of what industry your business happens to be in, safety is paramount for both your staff and your guests. Over the last couple of years, having the right kind of signs in place has been critical for creating safe, healthy and hygienic environments for customers and employees alike.

Ever since the onset of the pandemic, it's been common practice to clearly display information regarding occupancy, social distancing and hygiene best practices.

If you're not already doing so, consider how you can use the following to enhance safety around your workplace:

In adjusting to our “new normal” many of the health and safety measures first put into place in early 2020 are likely here to stay. If you added temporary safety signs during the onset of the pandemic, it's probably time to update them with new information – and we can help! Give us a call to set up a consultation to discuss your business and identify your safety sign needs

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