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Three Signs to Draw Attention to Your Property

Three Signs to Draw Attention to Your Property

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Realtors and property managers know that in order to get top dollar on sales and leases, you need to have as many eyes on openings as possible. This means bringing in as many people as you can to open houses and capturing the widest amount of attention possible – it may still be a hot property market right now, but you know that getting better profits relies on bid wars starting between interested parties!  

Simply put, better signs lead to better offers. By making your presence known in your community with the right visual communications, you’ll see more impressions and better results. 

Consider how you might use these three sign types when it comes time to fill vacancies at your properties: 

Post and Panel Signs 

Even before construction is finished on a new development or building, you can use post-and-panel signs to advertise what will soon fill that space. Once a building is ready to receive new tenants, you can use them to inform people of your contact information, as well as of critical details like rental rates. Their “sandwiched” design allows for easy fabrication and installation just about anywhere, and you can build them big in order to really catch attention.  

Feather Flags 

Are you holding an open house at a model home or condo, or showcasing the potential of a commercial property for rent? Using feather flags along the roadside can catch more attention than other signage options due to their dynamic nature – feather flags catch the wind and flutter in the breeze for strong visual appeal. Consider using them during special events for when you want to make a big impact in your community. 

Yard Signs   

A tried-and-true classic real estate sign, yard signs are an economic and versatile choice. You can use them to advertise new developments still under construction, highlight realtors looking to help move properties, direct traffic to a recently opened building or bring attention to an open house event you’re hosting. Plus, they’re easily bought in bulk for you to use whenever and wherever you may need to.  

Of course, there are plenty of other signage options you can use around your properties that are for rent or sale, such as A-frame signs, banners, real estate frames and even vehicle graphics. If you need additional ideas for signs and graphics for your property, give us a call – we can set up a free consultation to discuss your needs! 

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