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Vehicle Lettering, Partial Wraps Or Full Wraps: Which Way To Go?

Vehicle Lettering, Partial Wraps Or Full Wraps: Which Way To Go?

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Honk if you like vehicle graphics! There’s a lot of good things to be said about adding advertising on your car, truck, trailer or even your bus, boat, motorcycle and aircraft!

According to a study by 3M, fleet graphics are the most cost-effective outdoor advertising medium available. They deliver greater value on a cost-per-thousand impressions basis than television, magazines, newspapers, prime-time television, radio and outdoor billboards!

Another study notes that vehicle lettering, car wraps and the like are as effective as they are economical. In their research, they found that:

Select from three primary vehicle graphic options

Another attractive point to vehicle graphics? Flexibility. They allow you to opt for a "good-better-best" strategy, depending on your business needs and marketing budget. Consider: photo 1

1. Vehicle lettering: Your simplest, most economical choice, these graphics are vinyl letters and numerals you can apply to your car, truck, trailer or van. Use this option if your vehicles or fleet are not the primary promotional medium for your business but are a useful complement to other advertising methods.

Most marketers use vehicle lettering to spell out their company name, slogan or type of business, phone number, address and web address. Vinyl letters also represent your fastest vehicle graphic option. They can be designed, fabricated and installed in less time than the wraps we’ll describe shortly.

This text can be added almost anywhere to a vehicle, but they’re often placed over side and rear windows. This gives them good contrast for excellent readability. On windows, your company name is also positioned at eye level — making key information about your company hard to miss among other drivers while on the road and with passersby when your car or truck is parked in front of your store or at another location on a sales, service or delivery call.

Quick tip: Many choose to complement their vehicle lettering with a custom-designed vinyl decal. These are often created in the shape and color of your company logo. Others elect to use decals to call attention to the nature of their business. A florist, for example, might choose to design and apply a vinyl decal of a flower alongside their delivery vehicle lettering. On the other hand, a carpenter could feature a custom decal of a saw or hammer to complement their business information. photo 2

2. Partial vehicle wraps: These types of vehicle wraps are the next step up in terms of visual impact and cost. Looking much like a custom paint job but at a fraction of the price and readily removable once a vehicle is taken out of service, these custom vinyl graphics cover part of your car, truck, trailer or other vehicle with a promotional message. This option becomes attractive if your vehicles are used extensively for sales, service or delivery calls and represent an excellent advertising option for you.

Whether partial or full, a vehicle wrap involves wrapping your car, truck or trailer in custom printed vinyl with colorful and accurate high-quality images. In most cases, colorful background graphics are designed and then key messages such as your logo, company name, phone number and more are placed as an overlay in text. 

Wraps can be expertly applied to almost all surfaces of a vehicle, In the case of partial wraps, most businesses use them to cover the sides, front and/or back of the car, truck or trailer.

One other plus to vinyl vehicle wraps — whether partial or full — is that they are readily removable! While old-style custom paint jobs are “permanent,” vinyl vehicle wraps can be taken off and your car or truck restored to its original “look” when it’s time to remove it from service.

This removability makes vinyl vehicle wraps a good promotional solution even for leased vehicles. Some also employ vehicle wraps for promotional purposes. They’ll cover sponsor cars or even shuttle buses when major events such as golf tournaments come to town. photo 33. Full vehicle wraps: As the name implies, these car, truck and trailer graphics deliver maximum visual impact but at the greatest expense (but still less than a custom paint job!). These custom vinyl graphics generally cover all four sides of a vehicle and may even extend to the roof and bumpers.

Full vehicle wraps are often the prime promotional choice of many businesses whose trucks and vans are their leading option for promotions. It’s common, for example, to see fleets of carpet cleaning, HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) and florist vans attired in full vehicle wraps.

Some companies take this promotional approach a step further and extend their custom designs to side and rear windows through the use of perforated window graphics. These “one-way” visual solutions showcase your promotional message to all who are driving by and looking in. But, for safety’s sake, the driver and any passengers can look outward with a clear view unimpeded by the custom design. 

There’s another major advantage to full vehicle wraps that are sometimes overlooked. It’s their protective nature. Wraps help shield the finish of your vehicle from rocks, debris, road salt and sun-induced fading.

Because the vinyl of the wrap protects the factory paint job, your car, truck, trailer or other vehicles might look better than others do at the time of wrap removal and lease-trade in or sale! It’s possible your investment in a vehicle wrap will reap unexpected rewards down the road by gaining a higher trade-in or resale value!  

Ready to begin? Look to Image360® for any or all of your needs.

Image360 is your all-in-one source for graphics that enhance, signage that works and displays that inform. We work with you closely from imagination through installation to attain the high quality you want, while adhering to your timeframe and budget. This, of course, includes vehicle lettering and decals, partial vehicle wraps or full vehicle wraps described here. Contact us or drop by today to discover the many ways we can help you. 

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