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Forget The Window, Stare At Your Wall!

Forget The Window, Stare At Your Wall!

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I watched a TED talk last week about staring out a window.  It was delivered by a fellow who cleans windows for a living – which is very cool if you think about it – who better to talk about the benefits of looking out your window than a fellow who lives it every day?  Essentially, his key message was that if you slow down and give yourself some space to stare out a window, you will calm your mind and enjoy your world.

The equivalent in our world of sign and graphics could be to stare at your wall – assuming you have decorated it with a brilliant mural or vinyl decals or dimensional letters.  If you have, your wall will most definitely give you joy.

We recently completed a project in a downtown Calgary office where we created this beautiful wall mural of a K-country mountain scene.  It totally transformed the workspace – from bland and sterile to energizing and inspiring and full of personality.  It’s such a simple thing that makes such a big difference.

For another client, we created dimensional letters for their lobby out of brushed silver aluminium composite material.  Their wall was dark blue so the contrast in colours is effective.  When you walk into their lobby you can feel the energy from their sign.  It is so welcoming, it’s almost palpable.

We have another client who painted their wall with magnetic blue paint.  We created these little stylized shiny silver ‘X’ magnets for her. She puts one up on her wall every time her team finds a job for one of her clients.  She owns an employment agency, you see.  I love this wall because of the story it tells.

Next time you find yourself waiting in someone’s lobby for an appointment, have a look at the walls around you.  If there’s something interesting adorning them – take a pause and give it a little look.  I just bet that you will be inspired, energized, and entertained. 

And of course, if you don’t have a decorated wall to stare at where you are, well we would be happy to help with that!  Just give us a ring!

Merry Xmas everyone.

Emma and Dan

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