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How Effective are Your Signs?

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A good sign will help you grow your business and a bad sign can hurt you. I read a piece of research the other day that had shared very compelling data on effective sign design. The research was conducted back in 2012, so arguably a little dated, but I believe the conclusions are still valid today.

Have you heard that saying ‘do it well or not at all?’ This adage applies to signs in a big way.

A good sign will help build sales and brand awareness. Research shows 35% of consumers agree that they have been drawn into a store because of its signage. A staggering 85% of consumers agree that a sign conveys the personality and character of your business. It is conclusive, leveraging visual communication solutions will help your business grow.

Quality matters with signage though because a bad sign will hurt your business, with 41.5% of consumers making a judgement on the quality of your business based on your signs. A spelling mistake on a sign translates to ‘sloppy operator’ perception with your consumers. More than 60% of consumers have driven by or failed to find a business because of poor signage. If consumers cannot find your place of business, you are losing revenue.  

Good signs will grow your business, so, what is a good sign?

The number one attribute, above all else, is legibility. You must use the blink test on all exterior signage. Can a passing motorist absorb the message immediately? Often you will see too many words, too small font sizes or confusing colour schemes on signage that all detract from the sign’s legibility. Legibility is so important, it can drive ‘dissatisfaction’ with your consumers -- 81% of people report getting frustrated and even annoyed with a company because the signage is too small. With a stat like that, you can infer it is not just an age demographic thing, this applies to all consumers. People want to read your signs.


Legibility is king. What else?

Big letters, few words, impactful colour choices

Use a combination of words and icons. This variety adds to the aesthetics of the sign. Consumers show a distinct preference for signage that balances the verbal with the nonverbal. Unless your logomark on its own is instantly recognizable like Apple, do not simply use an icon on a sign without words. About 1/8th of the population prefers nonverbal signs, almost three times as many do not. Images together with words are powerful ways to focus and clarify the message.

So, in conclusion if you want to grow your business, consider your signage. A good sign will help you grow, a bad sign will hurt you. To be good your sign must be legible above all else, with big letters, few words and catchy colours. And, to really appeal to consumers, use imagery in addition to words.

If you are looking to grow your business and build brand awareness, Image360 Calgary South is ready to help you with impactful signage and graphics. Visit our website at image360calgarysouth.ca to learn more about the visual communication solutions we offer and book a complimentary on-site consultation.

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