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Inspired by Central Memorial High School

Inspired by Central Memorial High School

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Congratulations to all 2021 grads!  If you are walking across a stage somewhere — real or virtual - we salute you!  What an accomplishment. 

Recently, we had the privilege to meet the family - parents, sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles — of many of the grads from  Central Memorial High School.   We created yard signs and banners to help them celebrate their graduates’ accomplishments.  What a proud, fun, inspiring group of people they all are!   They were lovely to work with - no problems with timelines, eager to settle up their account, and expressed genuine enthusiasm with the design of their sign. 

It was a highlight for us in the centre any time a family member came in to pick up their sign:  to see their joy and hear them talk with pride about their graduate— well it was inspiring and left such a lasting impression with us.  We’ll be thinking and talking about our Central Memorial grad project for years to come.

So congrats to the Central Memorial High School community —to the kids, their families, teachers, and administration — you’ve got a hell of a culture there and we admire you!

And congrats to Calgary - what a city we live in that we can push through so many challenges and come out laughing, celebrating the good and eagerly looking forward to what’s to come!

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