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Measure Twice, Cut Once

Measure Twice, Cut Once

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My father was a cautious and precise man. He faithfully followed the adage of measure twice cut once. He  enjoyed woodworking - and made many wonderful things for our family - from bunk beds to jewelry boxes. He was methodical, took his time and produced quality work.

 I was thinking about Dad last week -- and wishing I was a little bit more like him. 

We had a project to create a 'gallery' wall for a client using full colour beautiful photos of active people. We printed the photos on vinyl, then laid the vinyl down on a piece of 36 by 24 inch acrylic. Then the acrylic picture was mounted to a wall using brushed silver standoffs. We did a series of these all in a row down a long hallway and created a really cool ‘gallery’ effect.

A few different elements needed to come together to make this project happen. I managed to bungle a number of them — one at a time. 

First, I ordered the wrong size 'stand offs' — I needed 1 inch and I ordered 1 ¾  inch. These are way too big - the panel would sit off the wall too far and someone could easily bang into it and get hurt. Not good. 

Then, I ordered 24 inch by 18 inch size acrylic panels when I needed 36 inches by 24 inches. Clearly too small.

And finally, I had the holes in the panels cut out at ¾ inch when they should have been 3/8 inch.

After the third mistake I got the message - clearly I needed to ‘measure twice and cut once’.

I’m setting an intention this week — to slow down, enjoy the process, and absolutely 'measure twice and cut once'. I will double check everything before I hit ‘send’ (metaphorically speaking). 

Wish me luck!

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