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My Favourite Window Treatment: Privacy Window Film

My Favourite Window Treatment:  Privacy Window Film

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We’ve seen a lot of projects lately involving privacy window film.  It’s one of my favourite visual communication solutions- definitely my favourite window treatment.  You can keep a bright, open-air feel in your interior space while still maintaining a sense of security.  These films  give plain glass the look of frosted glass, etched glass or texturized glass -- at a fraction of the price of replacement.   You  can add your company's logo, tagline or other branding elements to  reinforce your brand.  Privacy window film is so versatile and well… it’s just plain classy.

Our favourite film is a product made by Hexis and it comes from France.  It’s a classic etched glass cast polymeric film.  It’s ideal for long term applications either on the interior or exterior of window.  Dan prefers to use the wet install method to get the perfect adherence.  He’s pretty meticulous about cleaning the windows before installation - his pet peeve occurs when he finds a fleck of dust or hair between the film and the glass, then it’s all got to come off and be done again.  It has to be flawless.    We’ve installed privacy film in commercial buildings — offices and retail spaces as well as residences. I always love the pictures of the finished product - it really does look that good.

If you’d like to learn more about privacy window film, head on over to our website here : /calgary-ab-south/privacy-film


Emma and Dan

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