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Someone 'borrowed' our funny little sign!

Someone 'borrowed' our funny little sign!

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We had a sign stolen from in front of our Centre last week.  First time that's happened, and I'm kind of chuckling about it actually.  It took two days  from the time we put it out to the time it disappeared.

We created this really cool life size corrugated plastic sign of Bernie with his mittens.  You know the meme from President Biden's inaugural celebrations in Washington earlier this year?  Our Bernie  was sitting on his fold out chair with his mitts on, holding a little placard that read "shop local YYC".  I'll find a picture and put it in this blog so you can see it.  Abby and Dan pulled this little sign together a couple of months ago just for us to have a laugh.  It worked - we laughed.  Just last week, we decided we would put it out in front of our Image360 Calgary South centre  on 114th Ave SE for others to see and have a laugh too.

It worked -- others laughed.  A lot.   Someone  thought it was so funny and clever they wanted    it for themselves.

That's pretty cool.

Now, I'm not condoning stealing other people's property -- not by a long shot.   Don't do that.  It's not right.

But,  I am choosing to look at this from a different perspective:  this is a pretty big compliment. Someone thought our little sign was funny and interesting enough they took it.

 I hope they enjoy it a lot and share it with everyone they know -- maybe it will make more people laugh!

And for us, the adventure continues -- maybe we'll create another clever and fun sign that you will  see out in front of our centre.  Maybe you'll laugh too.  And wouldn't that be great!


Emma and Dan

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