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Spelling Counts with Visual Communications

Spelling Counts with Visual Communications

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I was reminded this week about the importance of slowing down and checking your work. It’s a pattern of mine to rush through my work to get it out the door.  There are pros and cons of that approach.  I can get an awful lot accomplished when I'm in the zone, and,  sometimes I make mistakes.

Take this week for example - we have a real estate brokerage as a client. Great people. They asked us to create an a-frame sign to help them communicate an upcoming open house at one of their listings.  I sent out a proof to them without quality checking it and we had made a typo on their company name:  realty had become reality. Thank goodness the client spotted it and we quickly and very apologetically corrected our error. The client was great - no judgment. It didn’t feel good though, I can tell you.

So I’m reminded of two things - in the visual communications industry spelling counts - slow down and check your work. Even better have someone else check your work for you.  A new perspective is always a good thing. Lesson number two - everyone makes mistakes - it’s not the end of the world, it makes you human.  People will understand.

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