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The Joy of Meeting Face to Face

The Joy of Meeting Face to Face

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Last week I had the opportunity to go out and meet people face to face -- twice.  What a joy!  I don't think I ever imagined that these events would be such overwhelmingly positive experiences.

The first event was a meet and greet with my business marketing group at Ten Degrees Chocolate.  I am a member of a BNI Chapter called BNI Vibe -- we meet every Wednesday and refer business to each other.  Referral marketing is a key strategy for growth for our little business, and the BNI Vibe team has really supported us in that.   Ever since I joined the team we have been meeting virtually through zoom.  It's worked like a charm.  When I saw everyone face to face it was such a thrill.  People can look so different on camera vs in person, don't you find? When you see people  on camera, you see a certain perspective;  when you see them in person, you get to enjoy their whole presence -- and there's a certain energy to that. 

The second event I participated in was Stampede.  The minute we arrived on the grounds on Saturday, we could feel the energy.  There was a performer singing Bruce Springsteen songs, you could smell the deep fried food of the midway, there were tonnes of animated people wearing bright and colourful outfits.  Stampede was truly scaled down this year but it had all of our favourites -- the marching bands, the food trucks, the live performers, the wine garden, the marketplace and the absolutely epic Big Four Building -- where we watched the rodeo live on their LED TVs with a crowd of other happy Calgarians of all ages.  Stampede is always a good time.  And this year, it delivered again.

So, with renewed energy and optimism, I wish everyone a great month and look forward to re-engaging with them in the community more and more!

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