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The Power Of A Magnet

The Power Of A Magnet

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Whether it’s for your vehicle or  for your fridge, magnets are one way to get your message out in the world. Magnets are a wonderful little freebie that can be a great help in promoting your brand.  They make a great promotional item that people can use.

Magnets are an effective and affordable marketing tool that can create a big difference in your marketing campaign.  

There's research that suggest we visit our fridges 15 times a day.  If that’s correct, then a little magnet has the power to captivate your target  audience 15 times a day, 450 times a month, 5400 times each year! At a low cost of mere pennies per impression, refrigerator magnets can effectively promote your business and the services you provide. Compared to other forms of advertising, you can get a pretty impressive ROI from fridge magnets.

We made these business card magnets for Cougar Technical to help them stay top of mind with their clients. The business card magnets can be used as a giveaway at any networking event — big or small. These make a functional and fun item that will keep the recipients reminded of your brand.

An idea I would like to try is the sports schedule magnet.  These are simple little magnets which feature your team’s game schedule and have your branding on the bottom.  You can hand out these magnets to your  potential customers anytime, not just before or during a sport event. This promotional item will make the lasting impression in the mind of sports lovers.

When you hand out magnets to advertise your business, they act as mini gifts. Customers who receive a gift  have a more positive attitude towards that company.

Refrigerator magnets make your customers happy and help your business get the recognition it deserves. This benefits both parties and, ultimately, provides the opportunity to get your company more sales. 

You may think that magnets are cheesy, boring and old school. I get that.   I hope we’ve shared sufficient evidence to show you that this ‘oldie but goodie’ can still have tremendous value as a promotional item within your overall marketing plan.

At Image360 Calgary South we would be happy to help design and produce magnets to help you impress with your clients!

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