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To Everything, Turn, Turn, Turn

To Everything, Turn, Turn, Turn

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Recently one of our valued team members moved on to pursue other interests. She was an energy and a force for good at our work, and we’ll miss her.

This is part of the ebb and flow of any business, and small business especially. Your people will come,  you’ll hopefully accomplish great things, grow together, and have fun. And then, in many cases, your people will go. They will move on to something else.

In small business, we can’t really offer a grand career path as the large corporations do. We can offer meaningful work, the ability to make their work their own, and good learning opportunities to keep the gang engaged and growing in their roles.

And it’s to be expected that at some point, you’ll have team members looking for something better, faster, different.

Sidebar right here →  I’m aware of the adage ‘employees don’t leave companies, they leave managers’. It’s true and I take full accountability. I can definitely be a better leader. And if I was a better leader, maybe my people wouldn’t choose to leave. Yup. Working on that….

My blog today is about how I feel when they do leave….

… I don’t like it.

No kidding.

Not because I must hire and train someone new. That’s a thing, but not the thing. No, for me, every time someone moves on I grieve a little. I won’t see them every day and I’ll miss them. The team will miss them. Everything at work changes … maybe ever so little, maybe ever so much… doesn’t matter…. it changes.

Oh – and I know what you are thinking –change is good and this is good for everyone. Yup – you are most likely right… but I’m not there yet. Have you ever seen the (Kubler-Ross) change curve? I tend to want to hang out in the sad space for a little bit.

I can hear my Mum saying to me “Oh Emma, stop feeling sorry for yourself and get on with it’. She’s not wrong, I know it. Do you remember the iconic song by The Byrds, ‘Turn! Turn! Turn!’? (Trivia: it was in the Forrest Gump Soundtrack). It’s relevant right here –

                    To everything

                    Turn, turn, turn

                    There is a season

                    Turn, turn, turn

                    And a time

                    To every purpose

                    Under heaven

People change. Seasons change.  We endure and grow.

And so, tomorrow, I’ll get excited about what’s to come – what new and interesting person will come into our little corner of the universe. How we’ll create some brilliant sign and graphic solutions together as a team and have a few laughs along the way.

Tereba nessa! (Cornish for 'till next time!')

Emma and Dan

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