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Understand Safety Signs

Understand Safety Signs

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January is our safety month. We have posted a number of different articles on our social media channels with the goal of encouraging readers to take a moment to think about safety signage and graphics.

We create safety signage solutions for our clients in two key areas -- parking lot signage and commercial buildings. I wrote about parking lot sign solutions in an earlier blog, so this time, I'll write a little about safety signage in commercial buildings. 

The purpose of safety signs is to keep everyone safe -- they help prevent risk and guide us to take the correct measures moving forward. Safety signage is relatively easy to produce and a low cost solution. 

Look at the simplicity of the graphic design of safety signage, for example -- we use easily recognized icons, bold lettering and colours, and simple shapes to convey the message. Designing safety graphics is not an exercise in creativity. It is an exercise in effectiveness: create a graphic that can be seen and interpreted in a fraction of a second. 

Most of the signage we create is in the form of decals or stickers that are designed to draw attention to the location of safety equipment. They are easily placed on AED or fire extinguishers, for example. I can't tell you why, but safety decals tend to attract a disproportionate amount of vandalism. They get tagged, ripped, or just disappear all together. So, it's important to revisit these decals on a regular basis to make sure they are still in tact.

The advent of co-vid pandemic has certainly created a demand for safety signage. Now that we are two years in, you may find the signage in your building faded, cracked or just generally needing a refresh. 

I do recommend you take an intentional walkabout of your facility -- look at signage in general, and safety signage more specifically -- is it aging or damaged? Is it still relevant? Can it be removed? Does it need to be replaced? It's a simple little exercise and can deliver tremendous benefit.

If you'd like some help with the walkabout, or have questions about safety signage, at Image360 Calgary South, we're always happy to help -- give us a call! 

Emma and Dan


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