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Vehicle Graphics ... Hard to Say No

Vehicle Graphics ... Hard to Say No

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Throughout the month of January, we worked with a client to add decals to their fleet of vehicles.  We decaled three vehicles a week.  The client dropped their vehicle off in the morning, and we would have it fully decaled and ready to go in the early afternoon.  We got into quite a rhythm -- we'll miss it next month to be sure.

Each vehicle in the fleet was different - from Ford e-150s to transit connect vans, to f350s with a topper.  We established a template with the client that defined the key elements of the graphics and where they would be placed.  Then, when each vehicle arrived, we simply needed to measure and resize the graphics and send it off to be printed and cut and then installed.

For this client we used a combination of cut vinyl letters and full colour printed decals- and always with cast vinyl.  Cast vinyl is the way to go with vehicle graphics — it will adhere to contours better, won’t shrink as much, and lasts longer.

Vehicle graphics are a smart investment for any business.  Use your vehicle as a mobile billboard, and you will see up to 60 impressions per kilometre.  That’s pretty impressive reach. Vehicle graphics make more of an impression too — there’s 15 times greater brand recognition with vehicle graphics than any other form of advertising.

One of the biggest objections to vehicle graphics is that the driver wants to stay anonymous in case they do something in the course of being out and about that may upset other drivers.  I get that - no one is perfect- we all do stupid stuff sometimes, and don’t want to cause harm to our business because of it. 

Can’t offer you a solution to this objection, other than to encourage you to recommit to driving defensively because the results of vehicle decals are just that compelling!


Emma and Dan

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