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Window graphics

Window graphics

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If you have a physical  space for your business, your windows  are one of your strongest marketing assets.

 In  our blog this month, I’ll tell you why your windows are a marketing super power, what to put on them and how it’s done.

Most marketing activities are in support of an objective to grow your brand awareness and attract customers.  You want more people to recognize your name and the services you offer so that they will ultimately consider making a purchase from you.  Your goal is to reach as many potential customers as possible with your marketing message.

Have you considered your physical space as a marketing tactic?  Really -- it's one of your strongest marketing assets.  You can reach a high volume of engaged potential customers when you incorporate marketing messaging into your physical environment. 

Your building windows are a free advertising space that will create tons of impressions on a daily basis and can take any location from drab to fab in mere minutes. Window graphics are becoming a more popular way for businesses to advertise hours and contact information, and also offer a perfect canvas for a splash of graphics to support a business’ overall branding efforts.

There are a many different ways you can use window graphics to support your marketing efforts:

Window graphics are made by printing your creative directly on to vinyl film with an adhesive on one side.  We'll laminate the printed side of the vinyl film to protect the inks from fading with the sun's exposure.  Then, the vinyl is professionally installed when the adhesive is activated and the film can adhere to your windows.  Window graphics can be installed 'wet' with the help of a little water and soap solution; or 'dry' -- you guessed it -- no liquids involved -- just a firm smooth swipe of a squeegee across the vinyl as it is laid out on the surface of the window.  We usually look for a temperature of 5 degrees celsius or above when we install graphics on a window -- is to make sure the adhesive is activated and will form a  good hold on the window surface.  A good installer is always careful to avoid bubbling or ripples and if the graphics are desired for a longer duration, then we'll seal the edges to prevent peeling.

Now, I've shared why windows are a marketing super power, what messages to put on them and how it's done.

I encourage everyone as you return to your physical working space, to pause for a moment to reflect on your windows -- are you missing an opportunity to build your brand and grow your business? If you are, give us a call. 

Image360 Calgary South is always happy to help! 

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