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Protection Screens & Sneeze Guards in Calgary

Keep your staff and guests safe with protection screens

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There were a lot of emails and proofs ensuring our satisfaction with the final product. Very well done!

Charlene D, Floors Plus Vulcan, February 2024.

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If you're in need of a way to protect your staff and visitors, plastic protection shields, or sneeze guards, from Image360 are an ideal solution.

Designed for your desk, counter or table area, these panels have a hole in the bottom of the front panel that makes it perfect to exchange payment or items at customer service & sales counters.

Made from a variety of durable materials such as acrylic and plexiglass, these screens are easily cleaned with soap and water. They can be quickly assembled with the included base, and don't require permanent installation or additional hardware. The removable base allows for easy transport and for storing the panel flat. We can also add custom messaging and graphics to your panel for more effective communication and for promotion of your brand.

Our standard guard (pictured) is 23.75"h x 31.75"w, with a 4"h x 9"w access hole and is available for fast production. Need a custom size for a specific environment? Let us know your specs for a panel to fit unique spaces.

Image360 can also help during the COVID-19 crisis with these other solutions:

What is a sneeze guard used for?

We Fabricate Acrylic Sneeze Guards and Shields

Image360 Calgary South is here to help your employees work efficiently with our acrylic protection screens or sneeze guards. Our quality-made protection screens are a great solution when it comes to creating a safe work environment since they function as a protectant against the rapid spread of viral infections that are caused from coughing and sneezing.

With our sneeze guards, your staff can resume work and keep your company operating under current social distancing recommendations. Image360 Calgary South will assist you in creating a safe place for everyone in your building with protection gear.

The sneeze guards Image360 Calgary South makes are available in multiple sizes with components that are beneficial for most businesses. No matter if you have a retail company, an office or a financial institution, our protection screens and acrylic shields fit the bill. Made from sturdy and lightweight materials, each product is simple to clean, provides an unobstructed view and can be designed to meet just about any size requirements. Our portable protection screens let your staff uphold social distancing and conduct their job duties efficiently. Equipping your commercial space with personal protection screens and shields provides an added measure of encouragement since you’ve put in the necessary steps to safeguard them from pathogens with our safety products.

How can I keep everyone safe?

Maintain Social Distancing while Working

Businesses can benefit from utilizing plastic sneeze guards, whether they’re for cashiers, receptionists or fast food workers. These partitions not only help keep your staff safe, but your customers will also feel more comfortable visiting your place of business. Social distancing, masks and using protective screens are excellent measures to take in order to minimize the spread of infection and allow businesses to reopen safely.

If you operate in any of these types of businesses, social distancing dividers are an excellent choice:

  • Medical Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Grocery Stores
  • Pharmacies
  • Banks
  • Retail Operations
  • Restaurants

Protection Screens Are Crucial

Image360 supports our local community by ensuring your company has the equipment it needs to operate. You can trust our staff to make high-quality sneeze guards for any application and environment. These are simple to disinfect, preserve, move and put away. Essential workers operate on the frontlines, so we want to help keep your company secure and protect your team and customers throughout these difficult times.

At Image360 Calgary South, we create sneeze guards from a var iety of materials that serve as a protection from spreading any viruses through sneezing and coughing. Protection screens can be put on any flat surface. They can also be installed to other surfaces like walls, countertops and additional pieces of clear acrylic protection shields. We can include a small gap to conduct transactions and pass important documents to your customers.

Who can make protective screens for my business?

Your Local Experts

Your regional professionals at Image360 Calgary South are available to make protection screens for your organization. Keep safe and maintain social distancing with acrylic protection screens. Let’s maintain safety, and for essential companies, it’s critical that your team is and feels protected. Image360 Calgary South is the ideal choice for protection screens in the area. No matter what the product is, our experts offer high-quality craftsmanship. We are dedicated to all of our customers across the United States, Canada and the UK. With the finest outcomes and customer service, you’ll be pleased when you work with us. You can truly depend on the best when you team up with Image360 Calgary South.

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Ensure the success of your business during this worldwide health crisis with protection screens that will help with your business' social distancing practices. Image360 Calgary South has state-of-the-art production capabilities that are able to take on a variety of jobs for companies of all sizes. If your employees are required to interact with the public, it’s critical that they keep safe from possible contamination with the proper setup. Call our staff now at 587-391-7446 for a consultation and to receive an estimate.

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