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Five Tips for Conducting Your Next Sign Audit

Five Tips for Conducting Your Next Sign Audit

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Put yourself in the shoes of a passerby and see if your outdoor and indoor displays are both easy to read and an extension of your company’s identity. Whether you change your messages often to promote seasonal sales or events, or need long-lasting solutions to identify your location, keeping your signage in good condition will help make sure your messages stand out in a crowded marketplace! 

A sign audit is one of the best possible ways you can quickly identify your immediate needs. A review is best when conducted alongside an experienced sign provider or designer that can help you identify what kind of repairs or replacements may be needed. Better yet, they may have the eye to help you see what you’re missing entirely when it comes to signs or graphics! 

When conducting a signage audit, here are five things to ask yourself: 

  1. Do your signs reflect your branding? As one of your most important communication tools, your signs need to convey information AND reflect your brand. Consistent type fonts, colors and styles applied to your signage will help customers recognize your company and the products or services you offer. 
  2. How’s your visibility? Attracting attention and communicating with those passing by your location is important. Are overgrown trees and bushes obscuring the view? How about competing signs? You may need to re-examine the placement of your outdoor displays. Be mindful of indoor signs, too. That big, bright and impressive new floor display may be blocking a sign that reminds visitors of social distancing or mask requirements! Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re addressing visibility. 
  3. Is anything in need of repair? Make sure you’re assessing for overall quality. A quickly printed and taped-up sign will eventually need to be upgraded to something longer-lasting. Outdoor signage weathers over time, with colors fading due to UV rays, or damage being caused by weather or pests. Poor-looking outdoor signs may discourage customers from even stopping in due to the impression they give off. Check out this blog post for some additional tips on determining whether it’s time for a repair or replacement! 
  4. Are you taking advantage of all available space? Outdoor signs, for example, need not be limited to the side of your building. Use roadside space, light poles, windows, doors and more to convey your messages! Indoors, consider enhancing bare spaces with custom branding wall graphics and non-skid, vinyl floor graphics. And don’t overlook vehicle graphics. Even when parked outside after hours, a branded car, truck or trailer will continue to call attention to your business! 
  5. Is your signage in compliance with ADA and other regulations? As part of your audit, you should make sure your permanent outdoor and indoor signs adhere to any national and local guidelines that apply to you. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) also addresses specifications for many signs throughout your facility. Penalties for non-compliance can be costly, so you’ll want to be sure your audit encompasses these key requirements. Check out this infographic for some basics on ADA compliance!  

If you need help conducting your next sign audit or are just looking to start on a new project, contact Image360 Fayetteville NC! 

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