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Amazon Warehouse Sign Inspiration

When you have multiple warehouses that employ thousands of people, what can you do to ensure that every staff member feels seen and appreciated? Amazon was asking this exact question, and Image360 delivered a custom solution.

A large wall graphic featuring aerial shots of the Hazel Park community.Amazon’s human resources department recognized that bringing their employees into a stark, blank warehouse building wasn’t something that would create excitement and enthusiasm for work every day. With so many warehouses and sorting centers that employ hundreds of thousands of people across the United States, it’s critical to have a staff that is engaged. 

“It started with Amazon wanting their employees to feel seen, and finding ways to create visuals within their warehouses so they could see things that they could feel proud about,” said Brent McKay, Business Development Director at Image360 Plymouth. “Maybe it would be iconic buildings or structures in their community, or things that relate to the history of their area.”A large vinyl wall mural depicting the AUS2 warehouse name, tagline and artwork that reflects the community.

Image360 worked with Amazon to create vinyl wall murals that could be placed throughout the facility, reflecting the local culture that the employees recognized and felt comfortable in. As many warehouses are often stark, it presented the Image360 team with essentially a blank canvas on which to showcase bright, vibrant visuals that stand out that really warm up the rest of the space.

The results from these mural installations speak for themselves .

“Amazon is telling us, ‘Our team is beyond ecstatic with the way this looks. We love this, we want to do more,’” McKay said. 

Though this project started with just two different Amazon facilities, it has since expanded to dozens of locations across the U.S., with more projects planned for design and installation. This isn’t just because of how a good mural can invite vibrancy to a drab space, but because of the low cost for the client as well. 

As large vinyl installations are comparatively more affordable than other options, it allows for a large space to be covered at a fraction of the cost of other types of signage and graphics. Though vinyl graphics may seem simple on the surface, they enable a huge amount of creativity in design and ease of install. 

A break room with large, colorful murals depicting the local community and skyline.Manufacturing facilities, distribution centers and warehouses employ a huge number of people but bring them into a sterile and stark environment for work. With help from Image360’s design teams, it’s easy to add signs and graphics that can motivate and inspire – rather than just keep up with necessary rules and regulations. It can be the difference between having a staff that grumbles when they clock in, and employees that show up excited to start their day.

To learn more about how vinyl murals can enhance your work environment, contact Image360!