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10 Reasons Why Vehicle Wrap Advertising Is Great for Your Business

10 Reasons Why Vehicle Wrap Advertising Is Great for Your Business

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Did you know that 47% of adults that are 22 to 45-years-old don't watch any traditional TV at all?

For small business owners and marketing professionals, it means adapting to new advertising strategies. Newspaper circulation and revenues are down as more people turn to the internet to get their news.

But savvy marketing executives know the answer. Vehicle wrap advertising can help a business reach that elusive audience.

If you think digital marketing is the only way to boost sales, think again. Here are 10 reasons you may be missing out if you don't invest in vehicle wrap advertising:

1. A Captive Audience With Vehicle Wrap Advertising

Marketing professionals know they need to grab their audience's attention. But if they aren't watching TV and they aren't reading newspapers, where are your customers spending their time?

In their cars.

Over 87% of Americans drive each year. These drivers travel nearly 10,900 miles on average and spend more than 290 hours on the road.

We all know that people have shorter attention spans these days. Even if you're scrolling through the internet, those ads become visual noise in many cases.

This is because you are focused on other things. But for the most part, drivers are focused on the road.

With vehicle wrap advertising you can get to customers while they are focused.

2. A Competitive Edge for Small Business

The shift in TV watching and streaming platforms isn't bad news for the big corporations. They have the ad budgets to compete on every level.

But for small business owners, the platform for investing in marketing is shrinking. Without local papers and local TV ads, it can be a struggle.

Vehicle wrap advertising is one place where the cost and the playing field are the same. Just like larger corporations depend on vehicle branding to boost their marketing, you can too.

3. Low Cost

How often do you run an ad? With TV ads, internet, radio, and publications the costs pile up.

You pay for the ad every time it runs. And to reach your audience you must run the ad over and over again.

But with vehicle wraps, there are no accumulating costs. Once you wrap your business vehicles they are ready to go. You won't have additional costs each time someone sees your ad.

4. Get Local

Where do you want to find your customers? Right on your own main streets!

One of the challenges of all marketing is getting your ad in front of your target audience. In some TV markets, this can be a chore.

The same is true for targeted ads on the internet. You may invest in online advertising, but are they seeing your ad?

By getting local you will be targeting the audience most likely to use your goods and services. Your fleet becomes your biggest brand recognition tool.

5. Repetitive Targeted Branding

If you invest in car wrapping what will your clients see? Your ad, everywhere, all over town!

This doesn't just provide a wide audience for your company's marketing. It also associates you with great coverage, and widespread use. 

The more customers see your vehicles the more they associate your brand with your products or service.

6. High ROI

Because of the low costs and high returns business car wraps enjoy a huge return on investment. You don't have to waste money on airtime or ad space.

Plus, your ad is running over and over again to an attentive public every time your employees get in the car.

Unlike the continuous investment of internet ads, marketing content, and traditional media, car wrap advertising brings a return long after you've paid for the advertisement.

And unlike billboards, your audience doesn't have to look away from the road to see your ad. Your ad becomes part of the network; part of the community.

7. Positive Branding

Creating a positive brand image today is a combination of many factors including your visual presence, relevance, value, character and ability to serve, engage and move people. Our personality and professional image sets the tone and stage for how we are all perceived. With the reality of a 24/7 online media world that can change things in a real-time split second,  one small wrong move or right move can go viral and change everything.

Instead, car wrap advertising associates your brand with positive ideas.

8. Brand Recognition

Have you ever seen a business use car wrap advertising effectively? All of a sudden you are seeing their vehicles everywhere!

The beauty of this type of marketing investment is how effective it is. And rather than an repetitive ad your potential customers may ignore or tune out, you are building brand recognition naturally.

9. Customizable

Vehicle ads are easily customizable with graphics and messaging. You can target goods or services that are exactly what your audience needs at the moment.

Great vehicle ads create a solution for your customers. This is easy to convey with customizable graphics and messaging.

10. Change is Easy

The good news about vehicle wrap advertising is they are easy to change. Their low cost and high ROI means you can change wraps and have a brand new ad campaign out on the street in no time. Changing your branding? No problem! Want to update your vehicle looks for the seasons or big events? It’s a snap!

Image360 Can Help

Whether your business is looking to boost sales through vehicle wrap advertising or through other visual marketing strategies, we can help. Image360 Corporate offers complete visual marketing service needs, from logo design to sign installation & sign repair.

We provide business car wraps, advertising wraps for trucks, and custom plans suited to the needs of every business. We help businesses expand their marketing reach while building their brand.

Clients love Image360 because we are professional and effective. Our great graphics team will wow your customers.

Don't settle for marketing strategies that aren't bringing a great return on investment. Contact Image360 today for the boost in sales your company needs.

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