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Back-To-School Retail Opportunities

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5 Ways To Capitalize On The Second-Biggest Shopping Season Of The Year

When thinking of popular shopping seasons, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Mother’s Day may immediately spring to mind. But don’t overlook the lucrative opportunity that the back-to-school season brings.
According to Deloitte in their 2020 Back-To-School Survey, it’s the second-largest shopping season of the year, with 29 million households across the United States planning to spend a total of $27.6 billion.
Retailers who want to make the most of this opportunity should be prepared. Even though spending peaks in early August, a significant amount of purchases begins in July.
Per Deloitte, “About two-thirds of shoppers (62%) plan to begin their back-to-school shopping before August, spending about $100 more than shoppers who get a later start. This presents an opportunity for retailers to focus their promotions from mid-July to mid-August when $18B will likely be spent preparing for the school year."
So how can you best capitalize on this event?  Here are 5 tips:
  1. Devote a section of your store to back-to-school promotions: Make it easier for shoppers to find what they need by grouping all popular items and displaying them in one area. Better yet? Dedicate impulse-shopping areas (often in check-out lanes) to back-to-school items. Then, be sure they’re well stocked with inexpensive "extras".
  2. Go all-out with promotional signage and communications: Outdoor banners and window graphics, as well as indoor signs and displays, are obvious “must-haves.” But also consider your audience, many of which are the students themselves. They’re active on social media like Facebook, so you’ll want to publicize your back-to-school items online, as well.
  3. Earn “extra credit” with promo products: Reach deep into your retail bag of tricks to outdo previous efforts … and your competitors. A free advertising specialty with every purchase is a great place to start. Consider a nylon bag or another long-lasting material as your gift, and design it in the colors of your local school. Not only is it a handy means of packaging a purchase, it’s a great way to show your appreciation. Of course, it will also showcase your logo if it’s used by the student or their parents throughout the school year!   
  4. Get creative with your merchandising: School supplies, clothing, tablets and laptops are probably the first things that come to mind when thinking back-to-school items. College dorm room goods, too. But there’s still sufficient opportunity for other retailers who get creative. A hardware store, for example, might promote a box of dorm room cleaning supplies for college students (or their concerned parents!). 
  5. Restaurants and services businesses can benefit, too: Because “back-to-school” specials can apply to anything from discounted meals to introductory gym memberships and more, they can appeal beyond students. For example, teachers will appreciate special offers on everything from hair care to car washes. And, having packed their kids off to school, parents with new-found time on their hands could also be receptive to your appeals. A coffee shop could extend an offer for a free beverage that could turn into a regular mid-morning stop for the months to come! 
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