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6 Ways to Make the Most of Your Trade Show Display

6 Ways to Make the Most of Your Trade Show Display

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You’re headed to a trade show, excited to show off your new product, but have you prepared your trade show displays so you’ll get noticed? Trade shows give you the opportunity for new partners, customers and clients.

Make the most of your upcoming event with a trade show display that will “wow” your audience!

1. Planning your trade show display

Your custom trade show display and signage should begin with a detailed plan. Compile a group of industry experts and attendees within your business to decide on a good strategy.

Here are some questions to start brainstorming ideas:

As you consider the answers to these questions, you’ll have the specifics needed to complete the rest of the steps and create the right display.



2. Keep your display simple

Trade show displays that have too much going on can actually overwhelm a potential client. Instead of scaring off your customers, draw them in by keeping the display simple, yet still eye-catching.

Of course, you should have your product there, but you don’t want it to look cluttered.

Before going to your event, set up your display and play around with the number of products until you hit that sweet spot.

Something else to keep simple is the amount of information you offer people. You want them to know everything about the product you’re promoting without needing to carry around too many pamphlets or flyers.

The key is to create a tidy-looking brochure and display rack so prospective customers can take one as needed.

If someone doesn’t have time to spend at your booth, the brochure should give them enough information to understand everything they need to know about your business.

3. Show off your business and products with live demos

Live product demonstrations are a great way to show off your business and bring in new customers. You could offer demos every hour, on the hour or something similar so everyone knows when they can see your product in action. A quality trade show display should serve as a backdrop that supports your product demos and promotion throughout the event.

While showing off your product, let other attendees at the convention give it a try. You may want to have a sample product specifically for this purpose so that you don’t run the risk of damaging any products. Keep in mind the more people try it, the more people will talk about it, the more people will come by your booth to give it a try themselves. This strategy will ultimately help you gain more exposure and build relationships with new customers.

4. Choose a trade show display that complements your product

The size of your product will largely determine the type of booth you end up using. Custom trade show booths from Image360 Gastonia come in a variety of shapes, sizes, functions and abilities.

For example, if you have a large product, make sure to fill up your space with hanging signs or interactive kiosks. While a large product itself might be best suited directly on the floor, there’s a lot you can do above and around it to draw attention.

Small products have different needs. A custom booth for a small product might require bigger signs with more detailed graphics.


5. Light it up

Nothing draws more attention to a trade show display than lighting it up. While bright, flashy lights could get someone’s attention from across the room, it’s important to implement direct lighting into your display as well.

For example, clamp lights can be used to spotlight certain products, the brochure rack or ceiling signs. Trade show booth lighting from Image360 Gastonia can offer the ambiance you’re looking for. Unless your product works best in the dark, the brighter the booth, the better.

6. Collaborate with a professional

Although you and your team will probably come up with a great plan, it’s never a bad idea to run some things past the professionals at Image360.

Discover all the possibilities available to you when creating a custom trade show display for your business. Figure out how long it will take to have a table throw, ceiling sign, display board or other items designed and ready for your upcoming show. As you learn what it takes on the side of the professionals, you’ll be better prepared to have what you need, when you need it.

Ready to begin? Look to Image360 Gastonia for all of your trade show display needs!

Image360 is your all-in-one source for graphics that enhance, signage that works and displays that inform — including effective and affordable solutions for trade shows. We work with you closely from ideation through installation to attain the high quality you seek, while adhering to your timeframe and budget. Contact us to discover the many ways we can help you today!

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