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Extra Credit! 5 Great Ways To Recognize Students With Signs

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How can you spur your students on to greater achievement? Acknowledgment!

School Recognition Wall Display

Everyone likes their good work to be known. Displays showing students, present and past, that have excelled are a great motivator for others. So, with a little imagination — and not a lot of budget — you can recognize and motivate! 
Here are 5 smart ways to do so:
  1. Create a student honors wall: Set aside space in a lobby or along a hallway and create a display. It can be as grand or as modest as your budget allows, but most walls text describing any accomplishments, names of the individuals or teams to be honored, and photographs of them. The best recognition walls are designed to be easily updatable from year to year. This makes your initial investment go further. It also helps establish a “place of honor” that enhances the importance of your display.
  2. Mount wall graphics or murals: Sometimes incorporated in recognition walls but often stand-alone solutions, wall graphics or full-wall murals (i.e., graphics stretching from corner to corner) are another great way to acknowledge the excellence of individuals or teams — whether they compete in athletics, marching bands, science or any number of other pursuits. You can readily remove and update vinyl wall graphics from year to year. Of course, you may wish to take an opposite approach and line an entire hallway with graphics of the school’s prior year's champions. Think of it as a Hall of Fame!
  3. Post lawn signs: Also called yard signs, these versatile solutions offer a number of advantages when used for student recognition. Lawn signs are printed quickly, allowing you to announce a championship or other achievements within days of the accomplishment. Many schools purchase them in bulk to reduce their per-unit cost. As a result, lawn signs are a great way to acknowledge accomplishment, not only on school grounds but all-around town!Student Recognition Wall Graphics
  4. Display awards or plaques: Impressive on their own and perhaps even more so when mounted on a wall in a group or showcased with others in a display cabinet, awards or plaques underscore the importance of a student or team achievement. Use them to commend recipients for academic, athletic or other honors. There’s a solution for every occasion and budget!School Recognition Yard Signs
  5. Hang indoor and outdoor banners: Perhaps the oldest form of signage, banners are still a go-to choice for many schools when it comes to student recognition. They’re economical, fast and easy to produce and they’re versatile. Hang or mount your banners outdoors in front of your school, above the main entranceway or from athletic field fences and scoreboards. Inside, post your student or team recognition banners wherever people are most likely to see them: in lobbies, hallways, cafeterias or gymnasiums.  
Image360 is your all-in-one source for graphics that enhance, signage that works and displays that inform. We work with you closely from imagination through installation to attain the high quality you want, while adhering to your timeframe and budget. This, of course, includes the lawn signs, wall graphics, awards or plaques and banners described here

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