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5 Ways To Make the Most of Your Custom Wall Graphics

5 Ways To Make the Most of Your Custom Wall Graphics

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A wall can be much more than just a blank space - for many, it's an empty canvas waiting to be filled with a creative vision. A blank wall presents an opportunity to connect with customers, inspire employees, promote your business or create a welcoming atmosphere with custom vinyl wall graphics.

Thankfully, it is relatively easy to get the stunning, floor-to-ceiling, personalized graphics that you desire without a great investment of time, effort or money with custom vinyl wall murals and graphics. But what are some of the most popular ways to use custom wall graphics for your business?

1. Advertise Your Business to Passersby

When you think of wall stickers and decals, your mind may first go to interior walls, but wall graphics can also apply to the exterior of your building as well. You can announce your business to the world with a one-time application without having to pay the monthly rental fees that you would expend to put up a billboard. Make your business stand out among the other buildings in the neighborhood and help your customers to find you.

Wall decals, murals or graphics from Image360 can do more than inform your customers of what you provide for them now; they can also promote what you'll be able to offer them in the future. Say, for example, that you're making renovations, building an addition, or constructing an entirely new office space. A wall graphic can not only help to beautify the construction area but also inform your customers of what they have to look forward to.

2. Promote Your Brand

There wouldn't be so many cliches about first impressions if they weren't important. A prominent, aesthetically pleasing display of your company name and/or logo on a custom vinyl wall graphic will form a confident and welcoming first impression upon everyone who walks in the front door.

Your brand identity can also have a significant impact on your employees. Brand loyalty can help you retain employees as well as customers, and positive brand recognition can be the first step toward keeping workers with you for many years to come. A strong brand identity can also help to attract new talent to your company.

3. Inspire Your Employees

Just about every company has core values to which it adheres and a mission statement which it strives to fulfill. However, sometimes employees lose sight of the big picture. Remind them of their purpose by posting your business standards where they will serve as a reminder that your employees are part of something larger than themselves and that each has an important role to play in the company's overall success.

Wall graphics expressing company values can be posted in employee work areas, break rooms or conference rooms, but if you'd also like your customers to know what you stand for, they should also go in more public areas like lobbies or hallways as well.

You don't have to limit yourself to your mission statement to inspire your employees; you can also create custom vinyl wall graphics with motivational messages that encourage them and reflect your unique company culture. Wall decals and vinyl wall graphics are versatile and can be as formal or as humorous as you like.

4. Create a Welcoming Atmosphere

You can use custom wall graphics to create an atmosphere or mood within your building. If you are in retail, you can create a custom decal with bold images of the product you're selling and people using it. If you're running an Italian restaurant, you can bring the outside in with a mural depicting the Tuscan countryside to make your customers feel as though they are really there, dining al fresco.

If you're running a children's hospital, you can transport the patients to a fantasy place where they can rediscover hope and joy. If you're selling home furnishings, you can give your customers a glimpse of what their future home can look like. If you're operating a non-profit organization, you can present a vision of what you hope to achieve in the world.

5. Preserve Your History

Longevity can be a valuable commodity. Wall graphics can illustrate how you have been performing quality work for many years and that you have ample experience. Show how generations of customers have put their trust in you and been satisfied with the result.

But how do you communicate the years that your business has survived and thrived to your customers without saying a word? By installing a custom vinyl wall graphic that showcases your business's timeline using both words and pictures to commemorate significant events in your company's history:

Remembering the past is a way to connect with the future. Customers and employees alike are sure to be impressed by where you came from and excited about where you can go together in the future.

Don't Let a Bare Wall Become a Wasted Resource!

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