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Three Strategies for Healthcare Signs and Graphics

Three Strategies for Healthcare Signs and Graphics

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You want your healthcare facility to be a warm, welcoming environment for patients and visitors. With how busy many facilities and clinics can get, it’s important that you have the right signs and graphics that can deliver the smooth experience you want your patients to have.  

Knowing how you can successfully guide and inform your patients in such a busy environment can be a challenge. Consider how you can use these strategies when planning for signs, graphics and displays in and around your healthcare facility: 

  1. Guide patients easily: A good wayfinding system includes both outdoor and indoor signage so that everyone can easily find where to go from the instant they arrive. Outdoors, make sure that everyone can clearly find the right building and parking lot with big, visible signs. Indoors, consider using floor and ceiling graphics as part of your wayfinding system to easily guide patients to the right department or office – and to keep them out of sensitive areas. 
  2. Create a calming environment: A trip to the hospital naturally induces anxiety, so consider using wall and window graphics to develop an atmosphere that soothes. It’s easy to lighten the mood with cleverly-designed graphics or an attractive wall mural, or to reassure patients with informative displays that educate about new technology or procedures.  
  3. Comply, but keep consistency: Regulatory signage, such as graphics and signs that adhere to the Americans with Disabilities Act, is mandatory for your building. Though there are strict guidelines that you’ll need to adhere to, that doesn’t preclude you from adding your own touch to such signs. When working with the Image360 designers, you’ll be able to develop signs that stay compliant while maintaining consistency for your branding throughout your building. 

Ultimately, a good sign and graphics solution in your facility will be informative, educational and visible, all while enhancing and complementing your branding and messaging in a way that delivers consistency. Though it’s important that your facility is as sterile and as safe as it can possibly be for all, that doesn’t mean that your hallways and waiting rooms need to be dull or clinical. Adding the right kind of graphics and signs can transform any space into a soothing environment that’s easy to navigate. 

If you need a helping hand when planning your healthcare facility’s signs and graphics strategies, give us a call. We can set up a free consultation to discuss your needs and develop a custom solution that works for you. 

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