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Top 5 Vehicle Graphic Ideas

Top 5 Vehicle Graphic Ideas

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Perhaps because they stand out so prominently compared to plain, one-color cars, trucks, vans and trailers, people take notice of vehicle graphics. More importantly, they like them, too!

According to a study sponsored by 3M® and conducted by RYP and Becker Group:

Of course, vehicle graphics in the form or vinyl lettering, decals, partial wraps and full wraps bring other benefits to businesses, organizations and event planners. They’re relatively easy to apply — meaning you won’t take your vehicle out of service for long at the application stage. They’re attractive, offer a long service life and actually protect the finish of your car. 

Vehicle graphics in vinyl are also affordable — costing less than a custom paint job. You’ll choose from vinyl letters and numerals, decals, partial wraps and full wraps, all at various price points.

What’s more, these promotional solutions in vinyl are removable. When it comes time to restore your car, truck or trailer to its original look, you can do so by having a professional peel off the vehicle graphic. That makes them ideal for even leased vehicles or for shorter-term usage such as on sponsor cars and transit buses for golf tournaments and similar special events.

 What kind of design tips can we offer if you want yours to look their very best? Here are five top vehicle graphic ideas to help guide your way:

Vehicle graphic ideas

  1. Begin with a great brand: Your company’s logo and identity (e.g., corporate colors and typeface) should always be the primary message for your vehicle graphics. Your lettering, decal, partial or full wrap should complement the look of your location’s signage — and vice versa! 
  2. Limit your wording: To make it memorable keep it simple! The ranking for the information you’ll put on the side of your car, truck or trailer should be: Logo/Brand, Tagline, Phone Number and Website Address. Think of your vehicle graphic as a billboard, not a print ad!
  3. Go with a strong graphic: Motorists and pedestrians alike should be able to know at-a-glance the nature of your business by your custom graphics. Selling flowers? Show a bouquet. Repairing furnaces? How about a smiling service person with a toolbox in hand?
  4. Design to stand out: Having decided on a partial or full wrap, many advertisers want to fill every square inch of it with background graphics, shadows, photos and more. Resist the urge! The visual “noise” is overkill and can distract viewers from your key information.
  5. Keep your “look” simple: When on the road, viewers will have but seconds to comprehend your promotional message. So, as you review solutions, always consider the key “takeaway” you’re hoping to leave with viewers. Does your custom design effectively communicate it?

Ready to begin? Look to Image360® for any or all of your needs.

Image360 is your all-in-one source for graphics that enhance, signage that works and displays that inform. We work with you closely from imagination through installation to attain the high quality you want, while adhering to your timeframe and budget. This, of course, includes vehicle lettering, decals partial and full wraps of the type described here. Contact us or drop by today to discover the many ways we can help you. 

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