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Two Ways You’ll Benefit With Frosted Window Films For Offices

Two Ways You’ll Benefit With Frosted Window Films For Offices

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With glass surfaces on interior doors, executive offices, conference rooms, cubicle dividers and stairwell railings, there are no shortages of places to apply frosted window films in many workplaces.

Window films are thin sheets of vinyl that adhere to glass surfaces with adhesive. Alternately, they can stick to glass by static cling. The former type should be considered semi-permanent while the latter style can be more easily applied, removed and even repositioned.

Whatever type you choose, you should know that frosted window films are translucent — meaning they’ll let some light through but prevent a clear view of what’s beyond.

You have several styles of frosted window films to choose from. Some are simply tinted in one color or another. Other frosted window films are available in various patterns or geometric shapes that replicate the appearance of costly etched glass.

Then there’s the custom option. Do you want to display your company logo or other special graphics on a glass surface? Your signage provider should be able to design a frosted window film to your individual specifications.  

Frosted window films offer users two benefits. With them, you can:

1. Add privacy: When positioned strategically, frosted window films can prevent lingering gazes on personnel or presentations in executive offices or conference rooms. Many employ them on the doors that lead from a reception room to an office suite, while others affix them to the glass panels that are often part of stairwell railings — affording those wearing skirts some much-appreciated privacy from viewers on lower floors.

2. Enhance décor: With the many design options available to you with frosted vinyl films, they’re a great —and affordable — way to add style to your surroundings. Go with a classic etched glass design for a financial advisor’s or lawyer’s suite. Other designs can reflect your history, focus on your future or simply capture scenes of the industry you serve. Then again, it’s hard to go wrong with frosted vinyl films that display your logo. They’re an attractive way to brand your space!

A final word: With any application of frosted vinyl film in your office, the effect is subtle. People see an attractive design. You’ll maintain a light and airy atmosphere while maintaining privacy

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