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Clearly A Winner: 5 Useful Applications For Window Films!

Clearly A Winner: 5 Useful Applications For Window Films!

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Popular solutions for offices and other facilities, window films are constructed of a thin, strong sheet of polyester laminate that’s treated in a number of ways to improve the look or performance of existing windows and doors.

Typically, the film is applied to the interior surface of the existing glass as a retrofit. While some window films adhere to glass through the principal of static cling, most feature an adhesive that bonds the film to the glass surface. The other side has a scratch-resistant coating for durability.

When compared to many other options, window films are economical. They’re also attractive, easy to clean, long-wearing and can be removed easily and inexpensively without damaging glass! This makes them a useful addition to even leased office spaces.

You can select from multiple styles of window films including clear or tinted colors as well as styles that replicate frosted glass, etched glass and stained glass. An endless variety of prints, patterns, and designs is possible. As you’ll read below, window film is also readily customizable (e.g., with logos) for one-of-a-kind applications

How do users employ these affordable and versatile solutions? Here are five useful applications for window films. Use them to:

  1. Ensure office privacy: Many choose to add tinted or textured films to the windows of executive offices or conference rooms to add a measure of confidentiality to the VIPs or presentation materials that may be present or on display within. The effect isn't overly secretive or heavy-handed. While preventing lingering gazes, window films allow a measure of light to pass through. They maintain the airy, bright and open feel of any operation.  
  2. Enhance interior décor: Creative designers look at all surfaces — including interior glass — as opportunities to accent an office space. A subtle pattern in a carpet or wallpaper can easily be replicated on window film, When applied to selected glass surfaces on cubicle dividers, doors and windows, you can unify the décor and improve the aesthetics of any office.
  3. Support company branding: While single-color tints, frosted and etched window films are common, many opt to design their window films with their logo and corporate colors. Others choose to go with a design theme that accents their core business. A consumer products firm, for example, might replicate the look of its packaging on its window film. On the other hand, a building company might display a range of hand tools.     
  4. Improve employee comfort: Treating your office windows with solar window tinting can reduce heating and cooling expenses by minimizing solar heat gain in the summer. Window film can also prevent heat from escaping in the winter. Workers and guests will be more comfortable and since solar window tinting is economical, your accountant will be too! By using a solar control film, you can reduce your office energy bills by up to 30%!
  5. Protect your business: On buildings, windows are often considered “weak spots” and are attractive points of entry to burglars. Applied to the inside of your exterior-facing windows, commercial security film adds an invisible protective layer that holds the glass in place if it’s broken. This delays the entry of any criminal, deterring their efforts to break in.

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