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Frosted Glass: How Can You Use It for Your Business

Frosted Glass: How Can You Use It for Your Business

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Frosted glass may be a popular aesthetic choice for homes, but it can also be used to promote your brand, provide privacy to your business and attract visitors’ attention. You often see it used in modern high-rise buildings, elegant restaurants, stores and doctors’ offices.

But not all frosted glass is the same. Next time you see what you think is frosted glass - look closer.

You may discover that what you thought was traditional frosted glass is actually etched vinyl graphics that are applied to clear glass or a mirror. This type of frosted glass comes in adhesive sheets and is similar to other materials that sign companies use, but it displays a frosted effect when applied to glass.

Traditional techniques for frosted glass use fluoride acids or sandblasting. The process is labor-intensive and leaves little room for error. Vinyl graphics that create a frosted glass appearance are more affordable, easy to install and allow flexibility for you to change the design in the future.

How Can You Use Frosted Glass at Your Business?

Whether you are searching for a classy look or more privacy for your business, frosted glass is a professional, versatile design element that can be used in many unique ways.

Promote Brand Awareness

Frosted glass in vinyl is a great way to showcase your brand. Whatever makes you stand out to customers should be written in vinyl frosted glass at the entrance to your business. By the time new visitors cross your threshold, they will already have a favorable impression of you and your brand.

Increase Walk-In Traffic

Are a high percentage of your new customers walk-ins? Your frosted glass entrance should be both inviting and informational to any potential customer that walks by your business.

Consider adding some of the following information to your design:

- Answers to common questions from prospective customers

- Business hours

- Current specials or promotions

- Contact information or social media channels

The right design will make your business look friendly, approachable and give new customers a great first impression.

Provide Privacy in an Open Office Layout

In modern offices, open layouts are very common. Companies tend to prefer them because they can change floorplans with relative ease, and employees like them because they feel less oppressive and promote community within the office.

However, the biggest challenge in an open layout is providing privacy. Everyone enjoys the natural light that passes through glass-walled offices and conference rooms, but nobody likes feeling completely on display throughout the workday.

Vinyl privacy films create a frosted glass look that allows diffused light to pass through while obscuring what’s happening on the other side. They can even be cut and configured to create frosted glass art, designs or messages.

Help Visitors Navigate Your Business With Lettered Signage

Not only is frosted glass attractive and affordable, but it is also useful when creating and designing a functional space for your customers. You can mount a label on a glass door or wall with names, room numbers and any other information that can be useful to visitors walking through your business.

Ready To Bring Frosted Glass to Your Business?

These are only a few ideas of what is possible when incorporating frosted glass into your business. Bring your goals to Image360 Lancaster PA and we’ll discuss how to bring your creative ideas to life. As experts in signage, graphics and displays, we’ll find an affordable solution that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. Contact us today to get started!

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