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Connecting people to the places they visit.

Image360 can help you create cohesive and integrated environmental graphics that strengthen the overall image of your organization and increase the comfort of those who visit. Image360 achieves aesthetic consistency by orchestrating typography, color and imagery to create an environment that reflects both the look and feel you desire.

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Graphics that reinforce your brand

Specialists in spatial design graphics and environmental design, Image360 can enhance any interior space. Our solutions work together to create a cohesive and integrated environment that expands your branding and communicates your message. We’re also qualified to address a wide range of custom fabrication and installation projects — often accepting challenges that others avoid.

Greeting and guiding everyone in style

Cohesive and integrated solutions help highlight your presence, promote your identity or brand, attract visitors and help them find their way. Wayfinding systems and directories are critical to every visitor's experience. Image360 designs attractive and effective wayfinding solutions that comply with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations.

Dimensional Reception Graphics

Multi-Story Lobby Display

Comforting Reception Graphics

Creative Use of Brand in Wall Art

Inspirational Historic Display

Recognizing Achievments

Dramatic Branded Wall Graphics

Ever-changing Wall Art

Illuminated Logo Display