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Feather Flags & Flutter Flags in Daphne

Add a dynamic flair to your location with feather flags

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Whether hung on a pole, mounted on the side of a building, or vertically displayed on built-in poles you stake into the ground, feather flags are an attractive—and affordable—way to promote a special event in Daphne.

Long may they wave! As the name implies, these flags flutter in the breeze to capture the eye of passersby. Custom graphics can be printed on both sides of business flags for easy readability. Feather or flutter flags easily capture the attention of potential customers from a distance and help draw them to your location in Daphne.

Where can I use feather flags?

Feather flags are most often used outdoors, where they can serve their intended purpose by fluttering in the wind and attracting attention. The visual effect created by several flutter flags lined up by your business in Daphne can go a long way when you’re celebrating a grand opening or highlighting a special sale. They can also lead the way to a special event.

There are indoor applications for these flags as well. Consider incorporating feather flags into your trade show or convention booth display – they can just as easily capture attention on a show floor as they can outside. Don’t forget to include a base with your flag when you order indoor flags. This will ensure that it stays sturdy while on display.

What materials are used for flutter flags?

Though you have a variety of fabrics to choose from when ordering flags from Image360 Daphne, we generally recommend polyester. This is because it’s sturdy and resistant to harsh weather and ultraviolet rays.

You’ll also need to think about what kind of base your flag needs. Flutter flags can have square bases, cross bases or ground stakes.

Ground stakes are best for when you need easy stability outdoors. Simply stick your flag into any porous terrain and it’ll get the job done!

Square bases are ideal for indoor use because they’re best used on flat, smooth surfaces. This is a great choice for using your feather flags at a trade show or other indoor event.

Cross bases can be used indoors or outside. Inside, the cross base itself is enough on its own, and with added weights, it’s just as easily used outdoors. If you plan on taking your flags to a variety of locations, a cross base will be your best option.

How long do feather flags last?

Anything that sees regular exposure to wind, rain and UV rays from the sun will need proper care. While it can be tough to predict exactly how long the lifespan of your feather flags will be, regular maintenance can keep them looking their best for a long time.

We always recommend you avoid leaving your flags out in the rain or snow for any lengthy amount of time. When fabric is wet, it becomes heavier, which puts a strain on stitching and can cause tears in your flags.

When properly maintained, your flutter flag can last two years or more.

Ready to take the next step on your signs and graphics? Ready to start designing feather flags for your company in Daphne? Contact Image360 Daphne for a free consultation by giving us a call at 251-626-8168.

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