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3D Signs and Dimensional Letters and Logos

Custom 3-Dimensional Signage for Companies in Hollywood, FL

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The guys were great with everything- they really listened to my feedback and fixed everything I had complaints on. The final product looks AMAZING!

Jennifer M, Heron Heights Elementary School, .

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Make your name or logo stand out in ways flat signage simply can't match! A great way to make your company name, logo or promotional message stand out, custom 3D signage and dimensional lettering are a specialty at Image360.

Often called three-dimensional signage or dimensional signage, our 3D signage adds a dimension of depth to width and height. The result? Even indoors, the shape and shading of 3D signs and letters catch the eye in ways that flat, two-dimensional letters, logos and graphics simply can't match! They work harder for you because people can see them from longer distances!

We proudly offer 3D Signs and Dimensional Letters and Logos to clients in Hollywood, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Plantation, Cooper City, Miami Dade and Broward County. 

What is an acrylic sign?

Establish Your Brand with Custom 3D Sign Designs

Is your company in need of making its name stand out? There's no better way than utilizing custom acrylic displays. Image360 Hollywood FL is here to help your company in the Hollywood, FL, region stand out through the use of our dimensional letter and logo services. This type of signage solution is perfect for advertising your organization's name and branding features. Because they add more appeal by utilizing width, height and depth, you can make more of an impact on potential customers. The dimensions that custom acrylic displays add make them a lot more significant when seen in passing. See how Image360 Hollywood FL can help your business in the Hollywood, FL, region now.

Image360 Hollywood FL can design and install:

  • Interior dimensional lettering and signs
  • 3D logo signs
  • Exterior dimensional lettering
  • Reception wall 3D letters and signs

How do you use custom acrylic displays?

Image360's 3D Signage Services

How do dimensional letters and logos help your business? Using dimensional letters and logos is more attractive, and when your business name and logo is more attractive, it'll become more memorable to people. If your business is seeking to capture new audiences this can be an excellent approach, and this is where Image360 Hollywood FL can help. Our signage services are designed to be fully customizable because we know your company is one-of-a-kind. With a wide range of lettering designs and colors, we can truly capture your business' details.

Image360 Hollywood FL can make your custom 3D sign designs from high-quality materials. Some of the more common solutions include:

  • Acrylic: Acrylic is very versatile and you can achieve different shapes and textures with it. With a broad range of colors, Image360 Hollywood FL can pinpoint the look you need for your business.Foam: Foam is a great option for indoor displays. It's malleable, not heavy and cost-effective. Foam can be have the appearance of any color or it can be covered with a layer of metal or hard plastic. There is a variety of customizable solutions with foam.
  • Metal: Metal is sturdy and can be made into the look you like, whether it's polished, painted or rusted. You have lots of solutions when it comes to metal.
  • Wood: Wood can be used for its distinct characteristics, but it is also a versatile material. It can be weather-resistant, painted and stained to your liking.
  • Plastic: Plastic is another cost-effective and flexible option. It can be made into different shapes and you can select from many different colors and finishes.

Where can I get dimensional lettering?

Your Number One Signage Source

Our design specialists provide the ideal customer experience because we provide what you need under one roof. From the creation stage to production and installation, our team takes care of every aspect of your custom acrylic display project. We provide custom solutions for company owners who understand the importance of establishing strong partnerships with our clients. This starts before visitors even come through your doors and they notice your brand elements included into your outdoor dimensional logo. Our team takes pride in helping with collaborative designs and bringing a uniform look to your commercial building in Hollywood, FL,.

The Image360 Service Promise

For more than 30 years, Image360 has provided the nation with custom sign selections and solutions. Your regional location in the Hollywood, FL, area uses advanced technology with tried-and-true practices to provide first-rate service and products to our clients. Everything we produce, including dimensional letters and logos are going to stand the test of time. Our clients keep coming to us because of our quality craftsmanship and a keen eye to detail. Image360 aims to produce only the best dimensional letters and logos and means of visual communication.

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If your organization in Hollywood, FL, is in need of dimensional letters and logos, then the team at Image360 Hollywood FL is your option. We can produce that powerful effect you're wanting to have on your audience. Since we specialize in customizable solutions, we begin your project with an informative consultation. It's important for our team to understand what you want and understand your company's requirements. Schedule an appointment with Image360 Hollywood FL now and get in touch with us at 954-963-7446.

Providing 3D Signs and Dimensional Letters and Logos to Hollywood, Florida