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Project Spotlight – Sprout Creative – Frosted Window Graphics

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Our team recently produced and installed frosted graphics on a set of windows for Sprout Creative in Kansas City, Missouri. 

The client supplied us a with production-ready artwork that was comprised of various icons integrating Kansas City culture, their brand representation and their company values.

Our technician went on-site to verify all window measurements and whether the graphics would be installed exterior or interior.  He noted that the window graphics would be best on the interior facing outside since the windows faced east and got a good amount of sunlight.  He also had to ensure that there were no obstacles such as hardware in the way. He took measurements of all four sides of each window pane. Some window panes are old and no longer are perfectly square or level. This type of detail is very important when you are installing window graphics as the final graphic would have been too short for one side of the glass if not measured properly from the start.

We used Mactac Bfree Frosted vinyl for the frosted window graphics and installed them with an application tape to help with the overall rigidity of the graphic.

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