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Electric Signs

Custom Digital Signs for Your Business

Electric Signs

Businesses with bright and colorful illuminated signs have a better chance of attracting customers. Collaborate with Image360 on your custom electric signs to make sure your company stands out from the rest in Las Vegas, NV. Choose from various styles and lighting options that will let you put your brand name in the best light. Our electric sign company has a team of multi-disciplinary experts who will handle any sign project you need. Consult with our designers and learn more about the creative solutions we can offer you.

When companies are searching for electric sign solutions, they want a beautiful design, durable materials and an inviting lighting arrangement. Image360 can offer all this and more because of the consultative approach we take on every project that comes through our doors. We don’t believe in cookie-cutter products, which is why we make high-end digital signs that add value to your business. Our custom LED light signs are completed to our customers’ exact specifications and with their brand elements in mind.

These are some of the custom sign options available to you:

Channel Letters

Front-lit channel letters are electric signs that are illuminated from the front only, as opposed to back-lit and edge-lit channel letters. For this reason, back-lit signs are usually mounted slightly away from surfaces and are also called “reverse” or "halo-lit" letters. Restaurants, nightclubs and bars generally choose open-face channel letters because they frame bright, neon letters that are more visible at night.

Light Box Signs

Outdoor sign boxes are weather-resistant metal cabinets that frame a front-facing translucent plastic panel. This custom electric sign is designed to display your company name, logo or other information. When you turn on the light box sign, backlighting from LEDs or fluorescent lights will brightly illuminate your message.

Digital Signs

Easy-to-use software lets you create custom LED light signs that display your choice of digital images, videos and text. They will appear in vibrant colors on LCD or LED displays with energy-efficient and low-maintenance options. If you’re ready to order digital signs for your Las Vegas business, Image360 has the brilliant solution you’re looking for.

Contact Image360 for Custom Electric Signs

Work with our experienced electric sign company to get creative and visually impactful signage solutions. Image360 offers their expertise from the design stage to the execution of the final product. We maintain strong customer relationships by providing unique results that are in alignment with your business goals. Call us at 702-933-1007 to request a quote or schedule a consultation for custom electric signs.

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