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Meet The Team

Brent Lawrence

Brent Lawrence


Been with image360 since: 1984

Home Town: Bancroft, ON

Snack Food of Choice: Miss. Vickies chips with Heluva Good Dip

Famous Person you would Like to Meet: Dick Proenneke

On my Bucket List: Alaska Trip

Morning Beverage: Coffee and Lots of it

Quirky Habit: Apparently I am a pen clicker

Hobbies / Interests: I enjoy stomping around the Canadian Wilderness, Hunting & Fishing

My Pets: Luna – The Norwegian Elkhound

Funny Moment at image360: Just Dance 2015

Other Interesting Fact(s) about Me: My favorite book is The Lord of the rings and my favorite movie is Cool Hand Luke.

Amber LeBlanc

Amber LeBlanc

Signage Manager

Been with image360 since: 2009

Home Town: Bewdley, ON

Snack Food of Choice: Popcorn

Famous Person you would Like to Meet: Albert Einstein

On my Bucket List: Win the lottery

Morning Beverage: Water, water, more water

Quirky Habit: Smiling at my computer screen

Hobbies / Interests: Anything on/by the water & creative projects

My Pets: Hank (The Tank) my 120 lb Cane Corso puppy

Andy Gannon

Andy Gannon

Account Manager

Been with image360 since: 2014

Home Town: Dublin Ireland

Snack Food of Choice: Chips

Famous Person you would Like to Meet: Winston Churchill

On my Bucket List: Visit Australia and New Zealand

Morning Beverage: Coffee

Hobbies / Interests: Soccer / Art

Funny Moment at image360: Probably the Christmas Party! Having a great time with Karaoke!

Other Interesting Fact(s) about Me: Im actually a nice guy!

Kyle Chartier

Kyle Chartier

Project Coordinator

Been with image360 since: October 2019

Home Town: Bowmanville, ON

Snack Food of Choice: Chips & Candy

Famous Person you would Like to Meet: Id like to play a round of Golf with Rickie Fowler.

On my Bucket List: Ski Out West

Morning Beverage: Juice, Tea or Coffee

Hobbies / Interests: Skiing, Golfing & Cars

My Pets: Loki (Cattle dog)

Dan Collins

Dan Collins

Project Coordinator

Been with image360 since: 2015

Home Town: Toronto, ON

Snack Food of Choice: BBQ Peanuts

Famous Person you would Like to Meet: Mike Myers (the actor)

On my Bucket List: Hawaii

Morning Beverage: Coffee

Quirky Habit: Getting angry when I see someone litter. Not really a Quirk, but still.

Hobbies / Interests: Coaching, Playing Hockey, Building stuff.

My Pets: Cats - Bob and Heidi

Funny Moment at image360: Singing Karaoke at Xmas Party. Not pretty.

Other Interesting Fact(s) about Me: Have quite a collection of vinyl records.

Erick Bowyer

Erick Bowyer


Been with image360 since: 2016

Home Town: North York, Ontario

Snack Food of Choice: Beef Patties

Famous Person you would Like to Meet: Bob Marley if he was still alive

On my Bucket List: Zip Lining

Morning Beverage: Chocolate Milk

Quirky Habit: Biting my nails

Hobbies / Interests: Playing Sports/Video Games

Funny Moment at image360: When Brent offered me 5 bucks to eat Sushi. I couldn't even finish a small bite

Other Interesting Fact(s) about Me: I have 24 siblings in total