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Healthcare Signs in Harrisburg

Develop a healing atmosphere with professional healthcare signs and graphics.

Hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities see new patients and visitors come through their doors every day. A complete solution of healthcare signs and graphics can ensure that everyone who comes through your facility can easily find their way to the right office, while at the same time reinforcing your branding in a way that’s consistent and recognizable. 

Like your business, Image360 Harrisburg East prioritizes clients and their safety, while delivering practical and versatile visual communications solutions. When you need new healthcare signs and graphics for your practice, make sure you include both indoor and outdoor options. 

Whether you’re building a totally new facility that needs a full visual communications package, or are just looking to update a few signs and graphics at your practice, you can count on the team at Image360 Harrisburg East to deliver a solution that will work for you. Contact us today to set up a free consultation to discuss your needs. 

What healthcare signs should I use indoors?

Medical visits can be anxiety-inducing, so help reduce the stress involved with such trips for your patients and their visitors by creating a professional, relaxing atmosphere in your lobby and reception areas. Dimensional lettering is a perfect choice for any waiting room as a way to reinforce your branding, or as part of a custom display to recognize your top donors. 

Wall graphics, window graphics and murals can help create a sense of calm and help put their minds at ease. Adding inspiring messages or colorful graphics to your hallways can turn them from drab and dull into something memorable and relatable. Just because your facility should be sterile and clean, that doesn’t mean the atmosphere should be overly clinical – adding the right touch of color and creativity can be a difference-maker. 

Inside, wayfinding is just as important as it is outdoors. Prioritizing patient and staff safety is easy to do with the right room signs, hallway signs and more to help ensure everyone is able to navigate complex hallways and reach their destination safely whether they are looking up, down or straight ahead. Of course, you also need to ensure you’re abiding by local building regulations and accessibility standards – the staff at Image360 Harrisburg East can work with you to create a custom solution that amplifies your brand message while still sticking to regulatory requirements. 

What healthcare signs do I need outside?

Your outdoor signs should clearly identify your location and guide all incoming traffic to where they need to be. Start off by creating a strong visual anchor for your entire campus with a monument sign or pylon sign that can be easily seen from the road. Follow up with illuminated dimensional lettering on individual buildings and parking garages to make sure they can be quickly identified at a glance. 

A complete wayfinding system begins as soon as a visitor arrives at your property. Guide them to the right parking lots or garages, or to specific buildings or wings of your facility, with easily-readable outdoor signage. If your campus is large, place a map near each parking garage so that people can find their way into the right building quickly. 

What other signs and displays does my facility need?

Though many medical facilities will require similar signage, you may be able to benefit from other kinds of healthcare signs and displays, depending on the nature of your practice. Some other common options for health-related signs are: 

  • Floor graphics: Provide a clear way to help staff and visitors get where they need to go with durable slip-resistant vinyl floor graphics. Reinforce the flow of foot traffic or inform everyone of potentially hazardous areas to stay aware of. 
  • Wall graphics: Whether used to inform or entertain, wall graphics can help create consistency throughout your building. If you run a pediatrician’s office, you can easily use them to add colorful characters that can put a nervous child at ease. Other practices can use them to help identify departments or offices as part of a wayfinding system. 
  • Window graphics: Communicate your clinic’s policies and operating procedures by placing a window graphic right at eye-level as they walk in to your building. You can also use frosted glass vinyl to help create privacy in and around your offices. 
  • Ceiling graphics: It’s easy to take advantage of all available sign real estate by thinking outside the box. Ceiling graphics are a great option for offices with patients that spend a lot of time on their back for procedures or exams, such as at a dentist’s office. Strategically-placed ceiling graphics can offer reassuring words or relaxing scenery to put a patient’s mind at ease. 

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