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Experiential Graphic Design (XGD)

Enhance interior and exterior spaces to communicate and build brand value.

Experiential Graphic Design (XGD)

Embracing a holistic approach where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, Experiential Graphic Design is an exciting new discipline. Beyond identifying or decorating a space, it creates a unique and memorable experience.

Combining creativity, ideation and design development, XGD does not envision a lobby, courtyard or other area. Instead, it imagines a space that, through the seamless application of signs, graphics, displays and artwork, becomes an environment.

With Image360 Calgary North, you now have a convenient, single source for Experiential Graphic Design. As an XGD Certified Resource, we can help you create cohesive and integrated environmental graphics that strengthen the overall image of your organization and the comfort of those who visit.

By using one authority for all environmental graphics inside and outside your facility, you can:

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Providing Experiential Graphic Design (XGD) to Calgary, Alberta