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Lightbox Signs

Present your brand in a new light with custom lightbox signs

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Vladimir and his staff are incredible! They are so helpful and go far and beyond to help!

Chico U, Marda Loop BIA, June 2024.

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What is a Lightbox Sign?

A lightbox sign, also known as an illuminated sign box, led light box, or backlit sign box, is an attractive signage solution that combines vibrant illumination with captivating graphics. It consists of a durable and energy-efficient sign that showcases custom messages using backlit panels. Lightboxes are a popular choice for business owners looking to enhance their brand visibility, especially in outdoor settings.

Benefits of Using Lightbox Signs

When it comes to advertising, illuminated sign boxes offer several advantages for businesses:

Increased Visibility: Illuminated signs effectively draw attention, making them an ideal choice for businesses looking to advertise in an outdoor environment like parking lots or on your storefront.

Customization Options: These signs are manufactured to custom sizes to meet specific business needs, as well as conform with local bylaws. Custom light box signs offer the flexibility to showcase attractive designs and messages that align with your brand.

Energy Efficiency: These types of signage are energy-efficient, helping business owners save on electricity costs while still achieving an attractive sign with a well-lit display.

Memorable Advertising: The combination of vibrant illumination and captivating graphics makes illuminated signs memorable to passersby. They create a lasting impression and increase brand recall.

Types of Lightbox Signs

Different types of illuminated sign boxes are available to suit various advertising requirements:

These signs utilize backlit panels to showcase custom messages. Illuminated signage is a versatile and eye-catching option for businesses.

Light Boxes are a popular choice for businesses looking for attractive outdoor signs. They provide a captivating display with even lighting across the entire sign.

LED Light Box: An LED light box incorporates energy-efficient LED lights, ensuring bright illumination that grabs attention while minimizing power consumption.

Choose Custom Lightbox Signs for Your Business

Custom signs are an excellent choice for businesses seeking unique advertising solutions. With custom sizes and designs, you can create an attractive sign that reflects your brand personality and message.

At Image360 Calgary North, we specialize in designing and manufacturing custom signs that help businesses stand out. Our experienced team can create eye-catching signage that effectively promotes your message and attracts customers. Contact us today to discuss your requirements to elevate your advertising efforts.

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How is it built?

The lightbox is built with an aluminum extrusion frame for the face, the most common depths range from 5 to 12 inches. LED strips are used to illuminate and the face material is typically a polycarbonate substrate or stretch fabric, depending on the sign company you go to.

Where are they used?

These are used for many business fascia signs or on the side of buildings.

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