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Yard Signs in Calgary

No matter the occasion, yard signs will work for you

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Image 360 provided excellent customer service. They were very prompt with any inquiries I made, and they completed the job very quickly. I was very happy with the quality of the finished product. Thank you!

Tony C, Elite of North Calgary-Huntington Hills-Airdrie, January 2024.

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What are Custom Yard Signs?

Custom lawn signs are low cost custom signs that can be placed in outdoor spaces to convey messages, promote businesses or events, and engage with the community. These signs are designed to be highly customizable, allowing individuals and organizations to create eye-catching and effective displays tailored to their specific needs. Getting a yard sign for your business at home can help increase awareness through business advertisements.

What can I display with a Custom Yard Sign?

With a custom yard sign, you have the flexibility to display various messages and information. They are commonly used for event signage, double sided signs, showcasing real estate listings, supporting political campaigns, and conveying important messages. The customizable templates enable you to showcase your unique promotional message and make a significant impact. Some people use them to display houses for sale, or real estate listings.

What is the purpose of a Yard Sign?

The purpose of lawn signage is to attract attention, convey information, and make a statement. Whether you're advertising a business, sharing a promotional message for an event, posting political campaign signs, or displaying a house for sale, yard signs serve as effective marketing tools. They can help increase visibility, generate awareness, and provide essential information to passersby.

Can I Install Yard Signs Myself?

Yes, you can install them yourself. Most yard signs come with wire stakes or metal frames for easy installation in various outdoor settings. Whether you're a school administrator organizing a community event or a business owner promoting your products, they are very user-friendly and can be set up quickly without requiring professional assistance.

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Can yard signs be used indoors?

This material can absolutely be used indoors, the material is cheap, and will last a long time without weathering.
You could hang it above your customer service desk, establish the hours in your business day instead of window decals for instance.

Can I buy yard signs in bulk?

Yes, in fact, it is typically cheaper to buy them in bulk. Not only does this reduce waste but you will usually get bulk pricing.

What are yard signs made out of?

Political yard signs, custom yard signs, and business yard signs, are typically made from a plastic signs substrate called Coroplast, which is a corrugated plastic substrate. These are typically not made of an aluminum sign substrate. We would not recommend getting these in a shape that is not square as the material is corrugated, therefore, difficult to shape.

What are the minimum and maximum dimensions for yard signs?

We are typically limited to the size of the default material, the most common size is 4 foot by 8 foot. Anything below this size is typically

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