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Building Signs in Calgary

Welcome your customers in with eye-catching building signs

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How Can I Bring In New Customers With My Building Signs?

Lighted building signs are essential marketing tools that help businesses attract attention and communicate their brand message effectively. These types of signs serve as prominent visual displays installed on the exterior of buildings to promote businesses, products, or services. Building signs come in various types and materials, allowing businesses to customize their exterior signage to match their unique brand identity and stand out from the competition.

Types of Building Signs

3D Signs & Dimensional Letters

3D signs and dimensional letters add depth and visual interest to building signage. These signs are created using high-quality materials such as acrylic, metal, or foam, giving them a three-dimensional appearance. These are versatile options that can be customized to reflect a business's logo, name, or any other desired message. For an illuminated option, consider custom channel letters!

A-Frames & Sidewalk Signs

A-Frames and sidewalk signs are portable and versatile signage options that can be placed outside a business's entrance or along sidewalks. They are particularly effective for attracting foot traffic and getting more daily impressions of your business by promoting daily specials, or events. A-Frames and sidewalk signs are lightweight, durable, and can be easily customized with interchangeable graphics.

Wood Signs

Wood signs provide a classic and rustic appeal to your business. They are ideal signs for businesses that want to convey a warm and inviting atmosphere. Wood signs can be crafted in various shapes, sizes, and finishes, allowing businesses to create a unique and personalized sign that captures their brand personality.


Plaques are elegant and professional signs that are commonly used for displaying important information such as business names, logos, or historical details. They can be made from materials like metal, glass, or acrylic and are often mounted on walls or entrances to create a sophisticated impression with custom building signage.

Commercial & Storefront Awnings

Commercial and storefront awnings serve dual purposes by providing shade and protection from the elements while also functioning as eye-catching signage. Awnings can be customized with business names, logos, or other relevant information, serving as a visually appealing way to promote a business and enhance its curb appeal. Contact us to know more about business building signage.

Yard Signs

Yard signs are cost-effective signage solutions that can be placed in outdoor spaces like lawns or gardens. They are commonly used to advertise open houses, political campaigns, or special events. Yard signs are easily customizable and offer high visibility, making them effective tools for reaching a broader audience, and garnering future customers.

Benefits of Building Signs

Building signs offer numerous benefits for businesses, including:

Leading Building Sign in North Calgary

At Image360 Calgary North, we specialize in creating high-quality signs that make a lasting impact. No matter what type of business signage you need, our experienced team can bring your vision to life with custom signs.

When a potential new customer or client passes your storefront, whether in a vehicle or on foot, you only have a few seconds to capture their attention and compel them to enter. And since you are competing with hundreds of other messages, it’s imperative for your building signs and graphics to create a positive first impression. 

Your exterior business signs are working 24 hours a day, which is why Image360 Calgary North is here to make sure your signage is gets the job done and engages with customers! For drivers and pedestrians that are passing your business for the first time, or even those shoppers that have been by before, signage designs can be the key factor in getting them through the door.  

How big can a building sign be?

The number of building signs, as well as the size of signs, are usually limited based on zoning. Please check the zone of your business and your local sign bylaw, or contact our experts for a free consultation.

How do you put channel letters on buildings?

Channel Letters can be mounted to a building in several ways. The property owner will likely request one of the following methods for installing channel letters. 

The first method is direct mount, where the letters are mounted directly to the wall. Typically with this type of installation, power supplies are mounted inside the tenant space.

Raceway mount, a raceway is a fabricated water tight box that will house all power supplies, power is still required

Railway mount, in a railway mount two pieces of hollow structural section are used to offset the signage by up to 2 inches.

The advantage of direct mount is the cost of signage will be lower.

The advantage of the latter options is that your building will have less damage that you may be liable to repair at a later date.

Where can I get building signs?

For all types of signage, you can contact us at Image360 Calgary North.
Get A Quote Link or calling directly 587-315-7500.

How can I bring in new customers with my building signs?

A sign on your storefront is an essential piece of marketing and branding. It will not only inform potential clients that your business exists as they pass by but also show where your business is located and what your business does.

What should I include in my business’ building sign?

Your fascia signage should include your logo as well as the name of your business, at a minimum. Some types of signage, like channel letters, are more restrictive in what can be produced due to minimum letter sizing. There are always workarounds to solve the problem and get exactly what you need. Please contact our experts if you have any questions

What type of building sign is best?

There is no correct answer as to what type of signage is best. In many cases, it is subjective to each individual client, as well as the requirements of the landlord.

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