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Vehicle Graphics in Calgary

Your source for custom graphics, lettering and wraps for cars, trucks, vans, fleets and more.

Why Choose Image360 Calgary North for Vehicle Decals?

Image360 Calgary North is your premier destination for high-quality vehicle decals in Calgary. Our custom vinyl car decals and other vinyl graphics are designed to meet your specific needs and promote your brand so you can effectively reach potential customers. 

Types of Decals for Your Vehicle

From custom car decals to truck decals, we offer a variety of options to suit your vehicle and branding requirements.

Custom Car Decals / Types

Create a unique look for your car with our custom car decals. Made from adhesive vinyl, or digitally printed vinyl, our durable and weather-resistant decals are designed to withstand the rigors of the road. Effective alternatives for business, custom decals are printed stickers and can be some of the most cost effective branding. Custom decals and cut lettering color transfer stickers are a semi-permanent product if taken care of effectively.

Truck Decals

Make a bold statement with our truck decals. Whether for your truck windows or the back window, our high-quality decals will help your vehicle stand out.

Business Car Decals

Boost your business visibility with our professional business car decals. Showcase your brand and contact information effectively to attract attention on the road.

For vibrant, full-color designs, consider our opaque decals. Add custom graphics, logos, and promotional messages to your vehicle with these visually appealing decals.

Add intricate and detailed designs to your vehicle with our printed stickers. Perfect for showcasing custom artwork, complex graphics, or patterns, these stickers leave a lasting impression.


Image360 Calgary North offers high-quality vehicle decals in Calgary. Whether you need custom car decals, truck decals, or other types of decals, we have the expertise and resources to meet your requirements. Enhance your business visibility, promote your brand effectively, and make a memorable impression with our durable and visually appealing vehicle graphics. Contact us today to find the perfect decal for your vehicle.

Where can I use vehicle graphics?

Vehicles of all sorts are perfect platforms for full or partial wraps to help promote your company and build your brand. Even a simple magnetic car sign can go a long way to market your services at a fraction of the cost of other advertising channels! 

We can create vehicle graphics for cars, trucks, vans, trailers, buses and even boats! Simply let us know what kind of vehicle you have and we’ll ensure a custom solution that works for you. 

What kind of vehicle graphics are there?

There are plenty of options available to you, no matter what kind of vehicle you may have or what your budget might be. Image360 Calgary North offers: 

Vehicle Wraps: Both full and partial wraps for your company car are available. A full wrap is exactly what it sounds like – a complete covering for your vehicle – while partial wraps can be made in any size to suit your needs.  

Graphics & Lettering: If you don’t need or want to go big with a wrap on your company vehicle, graphics and lettering options are also available. Just like wraps, they’re made from our durable vinyl, meaning you can use them to communicate key information about your business – like your address and phone number – in a way that will last. 

Magnetic Signs: If your car works as a company vehicle while on the clock, but as a personal car after business hours, consider the flexibility of magnetic car signs. By having your graphics be magnetic, you can stick them on your vehicle only when you decide it’s time to advertise. 

What are vehicle graphics made from?

All of our vehicle graphics, wraps, decals and lettering are made from quality materials from the leaders in vinyl production.  By using durable, fade-resistant vinyl, your graphics investment will stand up to tough weather – no matter what the conditions may be. They’ll also withstand harsh ultraviolet rays so your branding will continue looking vibrant. 

The team at Image360 also knows that your graphics are only as good as the process used for applying them, which is why we pay close attention to surface preparation and installation. This results in a finished project that will handle all those miles on the road and still look great at the end of the day. 

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