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Vehicle Graphics & Lettering in Calgary

Using Custom Vehicle Lettering Is a Smart Way to Advertise Your Business

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Have you ever been at a stop sign or stuck in traffic and looked over at the vehicle beside you? They had a plain vehicle letter decal - with just their name and phone number - but it still reminded you that you needed their services.

Advertising CAN be that easy.

What is Vehicle Lettering?

Vehicle lettering or car/truck lettering includes letters, numbers, or graphics individually cut (not printed) from a single vinyl sheet.

Adding graphics and lettering to your company car is a simple and cost-effective way to ensure your message and branding reach your ideal audience. Whether you’re waiting at a red light or cruising down the highway, vehicle lettering on a car, truck or trailer with your company’s name can grab the attention of potential customers and clients.

Choose from a wide variety of colours, sizes and shapes (we can also custom cut your logo) to complete your design. Decals come in opaque, clear or perforated designs. They can be applied on painted surfaces without worrying about scratching your exterior. Vehicle lettering is available in interior and exterior window styles. 

Add branded messaging to your whole fleet of vehicles and make sure that attention is held with an outstanding design from Image360 Calgary North.

Short of time and know what you want? We have a convenient online file upload option so you can upload your file. 
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Window graphics are a practical choice for creating a fully-wrapped look for your vehicle but without the price of a full car wrap. We have various window graphics and lettering options, including transparent styles that let plenty of natural light into your car. We also have one-way choices that only let passers-by see your graphic without seeing into your vehicle but still enable you to have the needed visibility to stay safe on the road. 

Vinyl lettering, decals and graphics have long been popular choices for advertising your business and professionally conveying crucial details. Our vehicle lettering is a versatile, affordable option for when you need to get your name out into your community in a way that makes a lasting impression. And while we love to be creative, simple vehicle lettering is also an excellent option for meeting safety requirements on commercial trucks with fleet vehicle numbers and company details. 

Our vinyl stands up to the harsh Calgary weather and road conditions. Because it is ultraviolet-resistant, it resists fading and cracking for several years. Whether you need lettering and logos for a single delivery van or a hundred different service trucks, Image360 Calgary North has the knowledge and experience to help you reach your customers and clients.

Your vehicle lettering is designed on a computer and sent to a plotter. The plotter cuts out the shape of each letter of your design and can also include numbers, logos or graphics. Each shape is pre-spaced and placed onto masking transfer tape, allowing for easy installation on your car, truck, or van in one piece, creating a clean and professional look. 

Image360 Calgary North uses a thin premium vinyl, so your lettering or decal is a pliable product that can be applied over rivets, corrugations, and complex curves.

Have questions? We have answers!

What should I know about vehicle decals in general?

Each of our car decals and vehicle lettering is made from a vinyl material with an adhesive backing. These decals can be cut to shape as needed and work for personal and business vehicles, fleets, government cars, and more.

What material is your vehicle lettering made from? 

We only use premium vinyl sheets from the top manufacturers in the business (3M, Avery Denison, Arlon, etc.)

How thick is the vinyl vehicle lettering and decals? 

.002" (2 mil or 50 microns; about the thickness of half of a sheet of copy paper)

Does it matter what type of decal I choose? What’s the difference between vehicle decals and lettering?

Yes, vinyl decals and lettering are significantly different. 

Car and truck lettering does not have a background, and each letter is individually cut out, making it an excellent choice for your vehicle’s windows. 

You can also have opaque, transparent and perforated decals. 

Opaque. As the name implies, opaque car decals should be used only on the sides of vehicles, as they will completely impair the driver’s visibility if placed on windows. 

Transparent decals can be placed on the vehicle itself or on windows. However, the printed area will not be see-through, even with clear car decals. 

Perforated decals offer the best solution for promoting your business or message while still being able to see through the sign. Perforated decals should always be used for rear windows and any large signs that will be used on the vehicle’s windows. 

High-adhesive decals have a powerful adhesive and should be used only for permanent applications, particularly on the doors or body of your vehicle.

Do I need to design them differently based on the type of window decal I choose?

Generally speaking, design for any of the decal types can be done in a similar fashion as long as best practices are followed. These include not putting too much text on the sign, keeping the design simple, having a clear call to action and using contrasting colours. Contrasting colours is particularly important for clear car decals since the decal itself won’t contrast with any text you may put on your sign.

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